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After-hours care
T. 770-446-0929 / Fax 770-446-6977

Substance Abuse Prevention

Behavioral Health & Counseling


CPACS is dedicated to educating the public about and preventing substance abuse. Culturally and linguistically competent alcohol/substance abuse education is available.


CPACS aims to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure by reaching out to various Asian American communities.
The following services are available:
Tobacco cessation awareness workshops
Tobacco cessation group counseling (in Korean only), individual counseling (all languages)
Tobacco education materials and outreach events in multiple Asian languages
Tobacco control leadership training
CPACS works closely with Asian youth groups, empowering them to restrain from tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. Our youth have led numerous activities including the development of a children’s tobacco prevention coloring book, an environmental scan of the cities of Doraville and Chamblee, and Project EXHALE. Project EXHALE was designed by CPACS’s Community Action for Teens (CAT) leadership group to promote tobacco awareness.